Let the new year be the one of the establishment in our country of a Popular-Bloc government that puts an end to the crisis!

Let the new year be the one when proletarian revolution’s second wave and communist movement’s renewal leap forward all over the world!
domenica 15 febbraio 2009.
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01/09 Provisional Commission’s Statement - 2009, January 1st


We can make Italy a new socialist country and so contribute to socialist revolution’s second wave advancing all over the world!

Nothing is fated in humanity’s history!
Humans themselves have made and make humanity’s history!
But they cannot make it arbitrarily acting. Human society’s history too, as all phenomena, takes place in accordance with its own laws. The humans must discover and apply these laws so as not to be unawares subject to them. These laws constitute Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the communist world view!

The bourgeoisie and the clergy try by all means to choke off in ourselves the confidence we can know the truth, the confidence we can change the world in accordance with our best aspirations and feelings and with our most advanced views, the conviction we can win and the determination to fight up to victory!

Let’s learn from heroic Palestinian people!
The heroic Palestinian people shows the popular masses of the whole world that until it keeps and fuels the confidence it can win, Israeli Zionists and their principals and abettors, US and European imperialists and the Vatican, can’t succeed in winning, potent as the weaponry they have at their disposal may be and ferocious and barbarous as they may be: Israeli Zionists will meet the same lot of Hitler’s nazis and Mussolini’s fascists!


Let the new year ...

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Communist movement’s victory is approaching. The capitalism, the classes and forces which personify it, imperialist bourgeoisie, the Vatican and other reactionary classes and forces are heading for their own end. Our victory’s decisive resource is our determination to resist at all costs, to draw teachings from our and other revolutionary forces’ experience and to fight up to victory. That’s what imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and other reactionary forces try first of all to prevent it spreads among popular masses.

The terminal phase of capitalism’s second general crisis has begun in 2008 all over the world. It will be the phase when proletarian revolution’s second wave will spread all over the world and will lead the capitalism to its definitive decline.

The second general crisis of capitalism has characterized the world history from the mid 1970s to now. It is an economic, political and cultural crisis caused by capital absolute overproduction. During the thirty years elapsed between the end of capitalism’s first general crisis - in 1940s - and the mid 1970s, capitalists had accumulated again so much capital that they could not succeed in increasing the value of the whole of it any more having goods and services produced by the workmen.

The capitalists have for some years been coping with capital’s overproduction diverting a growing part of their new capital into financial activities and speculation. Financial activities, speculation and recolonization of oppressed countries and of former socialist ones have for some years enabled the capitalists to delay the paralysis of productive activity of goods and services, and to contain the new general crisis of their social system. Last year this therapy has reached the greatest effect and has exhausted its efficaciousness. The putrefaction of the social system that therapy has kept alive has emerged overground: capitalism’s second general crisis has entered into its terminal phase.


Imperialist bourgeoisie’s and clergy’s hopes on Barack Hussein Obama’s election as USA president are an illusion and a swindle to dissuade us from the struggle to establish socialism. Those hopes are totally unfounded. Imperialist bourgeoisie and the clergy are reduced to hope for the miracles Barack Obama should perform. It confirms that both in ruling classes and in most of popular masses the awareness that things can no longer go on as they have got till now on is widespread. The world has to change and it will change. The way it will change through depends on us.

Many bourgeois liken Obama presidency to Roosevelt one (elected in November 1932) and to Kennedy one (elected in November 1960). But the experiences of Roosevelt presidency and of Kennedy one show exactly the opposite of what imperialist bourgeoisie and the Vatican want to make believe.

When Roosevelt presidency began, the first general crisis of capitalism was already in its terminal phase and about ten years later it really ended. But humans’ and things’ destruction caused by the World War Two set off by imperialist bourgeoisie in 1939, and proletarian revolution’s development all over the world, put an end to it, they weren’t Roosevelt’s and his New Deal ’s activities to do that.

Soviet Union, the first socialist country, had risen from tsarist empire’s ashes during World War One. At the end of World War Two it rose Chinese People’s Republic and all over the world the communist movement was spiriting up and giving concrete forms to humanity’s progress.

In 1950s the bourgeoisie and the other ruling classes were terrified by communist movement’s triumphal advance. It seemed unstoppable to most of their members. Soviet Union, the Resistance and the communist movement had worsted Hitler’s nazis and Mussolini’s fascists, which imperialist bourgeoisie and the Vatican had set their own hopes on. One third of humanity already lived in socialist field’s countries. Soviet Union had shown that socialist countries made quickly progress in all fields. The peoples of all colonies of imperialist bourgeoisie were insurgent. In all imperialist countries communist movement had become a determining political force: bourgeoisie and clergy had to use all their resources and to strive to oppose it. USA and the other imperialist powers had not only not succeed in winning the war of Korea, but they suffered burning defeats in Vietnam. Communist movement’s advance had already reached Latin America too, with the victory, just 50 years ago, of revolution in Cuba.

Kennedy presidency represented the effort of imperialist bourgeoisie, supported by the Vatican with its Catholic Church and by most of reactionary forces, to take the initiative again before communist movement’s triumphal advance.

John F. Kennedy stayed at the lead of USA less than three years. He assumed his office in January 1961 and was eliminated in November 1963 by the plot of some members of the ruling classes opposed to his plans which were prejudicial to their particular interests. But the enterprise promoted by Kennedy presidency has seemingly been successful: communist movement’s triumphal advance stopped.

But why it stopped? We must give this question a full answer corresponding to the reality, to give our activity a correct course. Imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and other reactionary classes spread unrealistic answers because they have interest in sidetracking the activity of popular masses. A large number of their exponents cherish illusions. But it is not an academic question which everybody can have his say on without consequences. It is a question of great a practical importance. Who accepts clichés and unrealistic answers or deludes himself with them, will suffer the consequences of it.

As a matter of fact neither the activities started by Kennedy presidency nor Pope John XXIII’s policy could stop communist movement’s triumphal advance. Communist movement’s surge has faded because of the mistakes and, above all, of the shortcomings of communist movement itself. The communist movement has entered, because of these mistakes and shortcomings, a phase of disruption and has suffered numerous defeats, up to the dissolution of most communist parties and the collapse of socialist field at the end of 1980s.


They have not been Roosevelt and Kennedy those who have made 20th century’s history. The popular masses spirited up and led by communist movement have made it. Bourgeoisie, clergy, other reactionary classes and the intellectuals slaves of theirs don’t understand that humanity’s progress depends by now on communist movement’s development. The efforts of bourgeoisie, of clergy and of the other reactionary classes can hinder and slow down the course of things, can make the advent of new world more difficult and painful, but they are not able to pave to humanity the way for progress alternative to communism: so they are doomed. Bourgeoisie’s, clergy’s and other reactionary classes’ main resources are the tradition of resignation and passivity they have held and have trained the popular masses in, the natural difficulty the humans run into in learning new things and in assuming a higher conduct, the mistrust of victory still widespread among popular masses and which reactionary forces are obviously doing all they can to fuel. Bourgeoisie’s, clergy’s and other reactionary classes’ efforts are just countertrends by now, as opposed to the main trend. The humanity cannot make progress within the framework of capitalism any longer, complicated and closely-fought as communist movement’s advance may be. The passage of the humanity to communism is a new enterprise and as all new enterprises it is subject to mistakes and defeats. The humans advance learning from their own experience, from successes and mistakes, defeats and victories.

All efforts to interpret present-day events, and still further all efforts to lead them, setting this fact aside are ruinous. Only communist movement opens for the humanity a future of progress, which benefits from all attainments it has achieved in the millennia of its history as preconditions starting from which it develops its own bright future.


Bourgeoisie, clergy and other reactionary classes have succeeded, because of communist movement’s shortcomings, in worsting proletarian revolution’s first wave. But just their victory has confirmed that time is up for them.

They had temporarily won, but they have taken within a few years humanity back to the conditions the proletarian revolution’s first wave had got going from. Except that now the barriers among countries and continents are lesser, the number of countries involved in the crisis of capitalism is higher, in former socialist countries the popular masses keep relations, awareness, structures and facilities that will make the exit from present crisis easier, popular masses’ awareness and experience of organization and struggle are all over the world absolutely more advanced in comparison to the beginning of proletarian revolution’s first wave, communist movement has learned from the defeat suffered in the second part of last century and it is now provided with a higher science: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.


Pope Ratzinger complains and curses the people who don’t obey his orders any longer, who want to decide their own life, who want to put so an end to a long history of division of the society in classes, of barbarity, subjugation and exploitation, who want to become aware builders of their own future. Its whines and curses won’t alter the course of things. But the political and moral strength and the material and intellectual resources the Vatican and its Church, the imperialist groups and other reactionary classes still have at their disposal, are an obstacle that communist movement can and must overcome to become able to fully develop its potential and to definitively become the guide of the new way of humanity’s progress.

Pope Ratzinger’s whines and curses confirm that capitalism has arrived at the end of its history. Actually the advent of communism entails by its nature the humans to make their own history more consciously than they ever have done till now. It entails a growing number of men and women to consciously decide their own life, instead of passively living it, more or less spontaneously adapting themselves to one of the alternatives which capitalist social system puts them before and confining themselves to meet day by day the conditions which they lie in or else wondering why god would have fathered them, as the priests drive them to do. The communism will be also a higher level of awareness and conduct of the humans, which will differentiate even more human race from other animal species.


Imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and other reactionary forces and classes are all over the world on their way to the definitive defeat. They, ruined by their social system’s decline, launch out on criminal undertakings which fail one after the other.

The aggression launched by imperialist groups and countries, led by USA imperialism, against Arab and Moslem countries arouses a growing opposition and runs into insurmountable difficulties in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Pakistan, anywhere.

The criminal reprisal launched by Israeli Zionists against Palestinian people on 2008, Saturday December 27th confirms that Palestinian people has made great progress as for its ability to resist Palestine’s occupation, the last of colonial undertakings carried out by bourgeoisie between the end of nineteenth century and the beginning of twentieth.

The advancing of new democracy revolution in Nepal, the progress made by oppressed classes and peoples in revolutionary people’s war in Philippines, in India, in Peru and in other countries, the growing number of communist parties which adopt Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as their guiding theory and take the protracted revolutionary people’s war as their strategy, confirm that communist movement’s renewal is progressing all over the world.

The revolt spreads in USA and in Europe. The struggles which have roused France and the progressing struggle in Greece are trials of the revolution which advances.

In our country the Vatican and imperialist bourgeoisie have got rid of Prodi-D’Alema-Bertinotti’s centre-left government in the just ended year and have reverted to Berlusconi gang’s right-wing government. The outcome is that Vatican has no more spare solutions. The arrogant and criminal policy of new Berlusconi government has already aroused the opposition of vast parts of popular masses. The future is in our hands: it depends on how correct the line we follow is, on our confidence in our cause, on our determination to fight up to victory.


We can leave the crisis of capitalism. For this purpose it is necessary that a government constituted by working organizations and by people’s organizations and associations, i.e. a Popular-Bloc government takes over the leading of the country!


The working and people’s organizations must form a coalition,
take over country’s government,
set every firm definite productive tasks according to a national plan,
organize goods and services’ distribution to the firms, to the families and to collective utilization,
establish the collaboration with the countries whose authorities will be agreeable!

No firm must be shut down,
no workman must be dismissed,
a worthwhile job to every adult,
a decorous life to every individual!

It is the only way to avoid the crisis of capitalist system, the chaos, the poverty,
the crime and the war which bourgeoisie is driving us towards!

Let’s drive Berlusconi government out!
Let’s establish a Popular-Bloc government!

The most rapid way to put an end to the new crisis and to avoid worse destruction, sufferings, crimes and wars than the ones humanity has experienced till now, it is to establish a Popular-Bloc government.

It is entirely possible to put an end to the crisis that already gnaws a part of popular masses and impends like a nightmare over the part not yet directly affected. It depends on ourselves.

What are the preliminary conditions we must create to establish a Popular-Bloc government?

The main ones are three.

1. Publicize the objective of Popular-Bloc government and explain what it consists in and its tasks, till its constitution becomes the aware synthesis of working organizations’ and people’s ones’ aspirations and the instrument to accomplish them.

2. Promote, doing our best, at every level the propagation and the political and organizational strengthening of working organizations and of people’s ones.

3. Promote, doing our best, at every level the coordination of working organizations and of people’s ones. This way, they will constitute the new government, that will seem to them, to popular masses and even to a part of bourgeoisie the only practicable way, the only escape route, an unavoidable passage before crisis emergency: a passage towards the establishment of socialism, according to us communist; an extraordinary and provisional measure towards restoration of the conditions of a “healthy capitalism”, according to leftist bourgeoisie.

The establishment of Popular-Bloc government will happen on the basis of these three conditions. It corresponds to the masses’ immediate exigencies: the masses will forward it if we will effectively promote it. At the same time it causes the masses to carry out the political experience they need to reach socialist revolution. It will be on a large scale the practical, intellectual and moral communism school which popular masses need to carry out, and it will pave the way for the establishment of socialism.


To create the three main conditions to establish a Popular-Bloc government, it depends on ourselves. To overcome the obstacles so as to create these three conditions, it depends on ourselves. How long it will take to create them it depends on us.

Once we will have created these conditions, we will be able to beat bourgeoisie’s, clergy’s and rich’s opposition to the establishment of a Popular-Bloc government, dogged, obstinate, open or underhanded, cruel and furious as it may be.

However great they may be the struggles and the sufferings which we will have to face up to, they will be, anyway, less painful than those which bourgeoisie, clergy and the rich lead us towards. And the results we will obtain will bring about a definitive change for the better in the course of history.


We are not alone in carrying out the enterprise we have to accomplish to put an end to the crisis. All over the world, in every country, the crisis that advances unifies in deed in an only front all the forces which fight against imperialism, capitalism and the other reactionary classes. The greater our activity and the one of other revolutionary forces will be, the more easily and rapidly we will manage to change the in-deed unity into an aware and organized unity, really more effective and powerful than the in-deed unity.

The example of how our country avoids the disaster of capitalism’s crisis that gnaws all peoples, will certainly urge workers and popular masses of other countries to do as we will have done, if they won’t already have done it before us. This will also weaken the aggressive actions which imperialist States and groups will try to suppress new system with, in league with Italian imperialist bourgeoisie, Vatican and Criminal Organizations of our country.

Our proposal is entirely realistic. It only requires the will and the unity of working and people’s organizations. There isn’t more a rapid and less a painful and destructive way to leave capitalism’s crisis. The proposal we publicize and we promote the suitable organization for, will assert itself with the facts, against mystifications, calumnies, poisoning and open or underhanded manoeuvres of imperialist bourgeoisie, of Vatican, of Criminal Organizations and of foreign imperialist groups and States.

Establish a Popular-Bloc government it depends on ourselves.

We can surpass every obstacle and overcome every difficulty. Provided we face up to them the proper way.

(New)Italian Communist Party appeals to all comrades, all advanced workers and advanced members of other classes of popular masses, to all those who declare themselves communist and such they want to be, to all genuine democrats, to all those who want to find a solution, favourable for popular masses, to leave the present decay, so as they mobilize, organize, constitute organized bodies at every level and in every firm, in every block, in every district, in every village. So as they form coordination structures in every sector of activity, in every town, in all provinces and regions! So as they unite in the structures which promote in the four fronts pointed out in the Work General Plan of (new)Italian Communist Party the struggle to establish socialism in our country and to contribute this way to the proletarian revolution’s second wave which advances all over the world.

(New)Italian Communist Party appeals to the most resolute and generous workmen, women and young people so as they enlist in the clandestine structures of (new)Italian Communist Party.

(New)Italian Communist Party is, and must be, clandestine because experience has shown that the communist party must be clandestine to operate free and to uninterruptedly carry out its task, whatever the measures the bourgeoisie takes to prevent it. Party’s clandestinity is a guarantee of freedom, of ideological, political and organizational autonomy from the bourgeoisie and of continuity for the whole communist movement, for its public organizations and activities too. The Party promotes and supports communist movement’s renewal and the constitution of popular masses’ New Power from the clandestinity, with its central structure and with its Party Committees constituted in the firms and territorially. It promotes, favours and supports the construction of a closer and closer network of mass and party organizations which opposes the power of the bourgeoisie, of the clergy and of the rich generally speaking, who in turn are under the State and the Papal Court.

Let all those who are already convinced this is the way out of capitalism’s crisis, unite, organize and publicize it, first of all among advanced workers and advanced members of the other classes of popular masses!

A Popular-Bloc government formed and supported by working organizations and by people’s ones scattered in the territory, must take over the country!

The big concerns mustn’t belong to the masters any longer!
The big concerns must belong to the workmen and to their new State!
Popular-Bloc government will entrust orders to the small businesses so as they produce what necessary, and it will give them all supplies they need!
The firms mustn’t produce profits any longer! They must produce goods and services for those who work! The whole society must be reorganized in accordance with this new basis!

The students’ movement’s “Freak Wave” and the just struggles of Alitalia workmen against Berlusconi the reactionary and Colaninno the speculator, show popular masses the way to follow to leave the economic, political, social, intellectual, moral and environmental decay which imperialist bourgeoisie, clergy and the others rich and notables have plunged us into and which they every day sink us more into!

Comrades, workers, proletarians, women and young people: enlist in (new)Italian Communist Party!

Participate and make participate your workmates in the socialism propaganda campaign, in the study and in the debate about the Manifesto Program of (new) Italian Communist Party!

Participate in the organization campaign of the Party, constituting in every firm, in every zone and in every mass organization a Party Committee!